She's A Great Way to Fly


26*, 27, 28 October & 2, 3*, 4 November
8pm, The Substation Theatre
$25 (Show only)
$30 (Show + Afterparty*)

$15 (Concessions**)
$20 (Concessions + Afterparty)

*Afterparty available only on 26 October & 3 November includes 1 drink.
Inflight entertainment after show:
SQ Girl, The Reroute' with Syndicate SG’s Kiat & Cherry Chan

**Concessions applicable to Full Time Students, NSFs, and Senior Citizens

She’s A Great Way to Fly

Ladies & gentlemen, this is a test. How "Singapore" is the "Singapore Girl" the whole world knows and desires? How "Girl" is the "Singapore Girl" the whole world knows and desires? And why is she not a "Singapore Woman"? More importantly, will the kebaya hold up in the face of an inflight emergency? Is the slit high enough send her down the aisle to save lives? A motley crew of artists tests this dress and ponders the brand's success.

Fasten Your Seatbelts. Stay In Your Seats. Don't Take Yourselves So Seriously, Ok? This Is Only A Test.


‘Keba-Yoga Flow’

A one-hour-long advanced yoga flow sequence in a kebaya by Yen Then

A dance interpretation adapting from gestures a Singapore Girl makes while in the kebaya and ‘performing’ service on board by by ScRach MarcS

A short portrait on Sarah, a newly inducted Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight attendant, and her unusual relationship with her Indonesian domestic helper, Liz. A Film by André Chong and Lim Zeharn

‘Three Songs Which Should be On Air’
Songs written about the Singapore Girl by Joie Tan, Performed by Jana Ann & Joy Ng

’The Kebaya 101’
An exploration of the sarong kebaya as seen through the eyes of a tailor. This performance lecture will break down the specific construction elements of the garment as a text, and through that, explore the ways in which the iconic uniform straddles the boundaries of “eastern” and “western” clothing. By Leonard Choo

‘(Singapore) Girls’
Three theatre graduates write, direct, and perform a piece on what the iconic Singapore Girl means to young Singaporean women. They perform in the sarong kebaya. A Play by Audrey Teong, Shirin Keshvani & Alysha Chandra

'It's Like That'
A performance lecture of SQ Girl portraits and essays by Jacqueline Chang

Anyhowly put together by Tan Kheng Hua
with loads of help from Alberta Wileo, Day Cutiongco, Allison Menon, and The Substation Team.

The Substation’s current programme season:
Singapore Girl, or Heritage Deployed.
This programme, She’s A Great Way to Fly is part of The Substation’s year-long interrogation of heritage-making in Singapore, and revolves around the Singapore Girl. The programme also includes an interactive exhibition, Singapore Girl & the Chamber of Trials and Tribulations.

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Oct 26 - Nov 4, 2018
[ Fri ] - [ Sun ]
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM SGT
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Standard: 26 October 2018 $25.00
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On sale until Nov 4, 2018, 8:00:00 PM

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